Medium: Acrylic      Size: 150x150cm

“Just like how prayers are of aspiration, refuge and dedication, I have already aspired to paint this and manifested it. Now, I dedicate these butter lamps to everything happening in the world right in this moment, the moments passed and the moments to come. I dedicate it to all the sentient beings, even the tiniest insect. Immortalised as a painting, the butter lamps will keep burning till eternity.”

Pema’s artwork “Dedication” is displayed at the Bhutan Art Gallery, Paro International Airport. The artists’ community is blessed to be given this opportunity by His Majesty the King to exhibit their artwork and reflect the narrative of the Bhutanese society.

This review is brought to you by VAST Bhutan, a registered civil society organization. In over 21 years of its existence, VAST Bhutan has helped nurture several young artists and supported their endeavors. For purchase of original Bhutanese contemporary artworks contact: Ms. Karma T. Choden, mobile number: 17 953 984

Pema Yangdon

Artist/Volunteer, VAST Bhutan