Bhutanese meat sausage

Juma (sausage) is a Bhutanese delicacy made using a spicy mixture of minced meat (beef or pork), animal blood, wheat or rice flour, Sichuan pepper powder and sausage casing (animal intestines). The juma is cooked in boiling water and then dried. It is cut into smaller slices or chunks, stir fried or deep fried depending on preference before eating. Variations of juma dish are also prepared with additional seasoning, spices and vegetables. Serve warm. It goes well as a side dish with ara (local brew). This is a must try dish!

Making authentic juma is tricky if you don’t have some of the key ingredients. Taste also differs based on the ingredients used.

How to Prepare:
Combine flour, salt, chilli flakes, fat, minced meat, and pepper in a medium bowl. Whisk it in 1 cup of blood. Add up to 1/2 cup additional blood to create a thin batter, if desired. Boil water. Take out the hog/sausage casing and tie a knot on one end with a butcher string. Pour the mixture using a funnel to fill it evenly. When the filling is done, tie a knot. Put it in the boiling water and leave it for 15-20mins. Prick the juma with toothpick or pin to release air bubbles. Take the sausage out from the water. Your juma is ready. For storage, dry the sausages in a cool place for a night (the colder it is, the longer you can dry them). If it is warm outside, dry it for just one hour. Once it is dried a bit, store it in the fridge.

Chef Sonam Tobgay

He is currently a trainer for ‘Culinary Arts: Multi Cuisine’ program, De-Suung Skilling Program at Gaylpoizhing, Mongar. Earlier he worked as Chef at Zhewaling Ascent.