Lapis Dragon

“Druk”, the Dragon, is woven in the very fabric of Bhutanese society and it resonates in the national consciousness as a symbol of strength, power, and determination. The Dragon truly is everywhere in Bhutan, serving to remind us to face our fears, and as a talisman to ward off obstacles. “The Dragon in us is all that we need. May the Lapis Lazuli Dragon’s energy heal and empower you.”

Asha Kama’s artwork “Lapis Dragon” is currently exhibited at a special ongoing exhibition titled “Healing with Happiness” at the Belfius Bank, Rue de La Loi 82, 1040 Brussels. The exhibition is open till March 2023.

This review is brought to you by VAST Bhutan, a registered civil society organization. In over 21 years of its existence, VAST Bhutan has helped nurture several young artists and supported their endeavors. For purchase of original Bhutanese contemporary artworks contact: Ms. Karma T. Choden, mobile number: 17 953 984

Asha Kama Wangdi

Founder/Artist VAST BHUTAN