‘Lhamo’, a film by actor-director Kezang Dorji revolves around a 16-year-old teenager in class 10 and her battles with life as she discovers her pregnancy mid year. In a society that finds easy comfort in scapegoating and victim-blaming, Lhamo (played by the talented Dechen T Selden) must fight on her own to protect her unborn child and preserve her sanity while trying to finish her board exams, amid social stigma and alienation.

Produced by Samuh, Bhutan’s first OTT platform, the film is an honest attempt at dissecting the nuanced issues of teenage pregnancy through the character of Lhamo – which literally means goddess or more symbolically Goddess Palden Lhamo, representing feminine power and strength.

This social issue film puts together a stellar cast of female actors, who are not only convincing but also fully in control. ‘Lhamo’ is currently streaming on Samuh.

Director: Kezang Dorji

Cast: Dechen T Selden, Ugyen Choden, Namgyel Lhamo, Choden

Director of Photography: Ugyen Tashi

Screenplay: Sonam Yangzom

Producer: Samuh