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‘Lhamo’, a film by actor-director Kezang Dorji revolves around a 16-year-old teenager in class 10 and her battles with life as she discovers her pregnancy mid year. In a society that finds easy comfort in scapegoating and victim-blaming, Lhamo (played by the talented Dechen T Selden) must fight on her own to protect her unborn …

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Why is the Sky dark at Night?

Filmmaker Kelzang Dorjee’s short ‘Why is the Sky dark  at Night?’ is a quiet, contemplative film that explores the mundane life of a pregnant teenager, working in a butcher shop amidst meat, blood and knives – which serves as a metaphorical theatre for her foredoomed unborn child. Dema, a demure 17-year-old girl, lives a pedestrian …

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